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What Other WordPress Kurs Are On Offer

Posted by admin on September - 2 - 2016

WordPress.com has always had an affinity to blogging; hence the blogging course is very popular. However, they have also indulged in enhancing the blogging experience. They have introduced kurs for photo bloggers, serious writers (Poetry and stories). Yet another extension is their course on building business websites. We take a quick look at the offerings under these topics.


Part I

This is a 10 day program for photo bloggers. It engages amateur photographers and professionals alike. The course suggests taking the same shot from different angles, with different color strategies, black and white photographs etc., You need not have a professional DSLR to undertake this course, and you can use your smartphone or point and shoot to get your photo blog going!

Part II

This is again a 10 day course, which indulges amateurs and professionals alike. You have to finish the first part and then take this up. This time round, the experiments will revolve around lighting, motion, surface interaction and other such techniques which are slightly advanced.

Post shoot edits are also a part of this course. You will have access to free editing tools which can be used to enhance the images you have captured. Here again, you can use a camera of your choice.

Finding your inspiration

This course is of 20 day duration. It intends to make you write every day. Look for inspiration in the oddest of places. It is typically designed for serious writers who indulge in writing about personal experiences, essays and nonfiction. The main focus is to brainstorm, experiments with the look and feel of your posts / page, use wordpress kurs online resources effectively, connect with social media etc., It is designed to bring out the writer in you and to be consistent in blogging. It teaches you to use quotes, phrases, images for a power packed presentation.


Introduction to poetry

The poet in you may not find the right inspiration every day. This 10 day course will provide you with one word prompts, which will get your poetry juices flowing. Irrespective of experience in writing verses and your background, this course can help you enhance your creativity. It also helps you understand various poetic devices and forms. It will also help you inculcate them in your work in some form.

Story writing

This is a four week course. It helps you write engaging stories. It looks at nuances such as self-editing, rewriting which is a major part of writing an interesting story. No assignments are provided in this course. There will be questions and exercises to try out. This will help you build an engaging plot, be it fiction or non-fiction. It will help you read and write with an editor’s eye.

Building a business website

This is a 10 day course on building your website. It helps you understand themes, importance of content, navigation strategies, creating menus, pages etc.; It also enables mapping custom domains, understanding SEO, keyword searches. All of this will help you achieve your business goals. By the end of the course, you will be equipped to build an engaging website which will promote your brand value.