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Getting Back My Friend From Heroin

Posted by admin on October - 19 - 2016

Only a person who has had first-hand experience of dealing with drug addiction can truly understand the amount of destruction that it can cause. Thankfully, it has always been my personal policy to say no to drugs, but I did see the havoc that it played in my best friend’s life in Florida. My friend was one of the most popular girls in college and she was good at studies as well as extra-curricular activities. I never imagined that she would end up as a helpless drug addict who simply could not function without her daily dose of drugs. Honestly, I was shocked to see the once bubbly and beautiful girl now reduced to such a pitiable state.

How I nearly lost my friend to drugs

I had had no idea that she was treading a dangerous path since I had moved away for college. Apparently, her parents’ rocky marriage had finally blown up into a nasty divorce which was very upsetting to my friend. She had responded by rebelling and had ended up in an abusive relationship with a useless and sick excuse of a guy.

It was her boyfriend who introduced her to drugs and soon it became a habit for both of them. My friend’s grades started slipping, she kept missing important events, and she started avoiding other people and continued to hang out with her boyfriend for increasingly extended periods of time.

It was only after things had gotten way out of hand that I became aware of her sad situation. I felt guilty about not being there for my friend when she had evidently needed me the most. I vowed that I will do everything that I possibly could to get the vivacious, gentle and loving girl I knew back.


A second lease at life

By then things had gone past the stage where she might listen to anyone – including me. The drugs had literally possessed her body, mind and soul and were not allowing her to think straight. So we got down to hunting for the best South Florida drug rehab center which we could afford, focusing specifically on heroin detox Florida.

It was really difficult for us to convince my friend to go meet the specialist for drug rehab Florida – but due to God’s grace we managed it somehow. Today after months of treatment, I am beginning to see my friend improving. She is still at one of the detox centers Florida but it is a positive sign to see her making an attempt to clean up her act.