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Services Offered By Sky

Posted by admin on September - 27 - 2016

Whilst the location where you stay at may have a direct impact on the services that are available to you by Sky Broadband, they do have a good reputation of providing excellent products.

  • Sky Broadband unlimited – this allows you to up to 17mb download speed. The unlimited usage is a very attractive feature that enables you to have the uninterrupted bandwidth. This is a big advantage to people in the software industry as well as gamers are very serious about the connectivity. The feature of paying only for the calls that you make is a big bonus. The 12 month contract period gives you the flexibility of changing products and packages. The hundred Pounds prepaid card allows you a lot of leeways. The advantage is that new sky customers is that sky TV is not required for the same.
  • Sky Fibre Broadband – this package offers close to 38Mb of fibre broadband. The monthly usage is up to 25 GB. This is available only to exist sky customers. The free fibre broadband is for a time period of twelve months.
  • Sky Broadband unlimited plus evening and weekend calls – this allows data up to 17 Mb broadband. The monthly usage is totally unlimited. This includes evening and weekend calls. There is a minimum of a twelve-month contract. The 12-month contract comes with free unlimited broadband. This also does not require sky TV.
  • Sky Broadband unlimited upgrade for the existing customers – the ability to upgrade an already signed up product is a sign of flexibility and customer satisfaction. This is apart from the 17Mb broadband and unlimited monthly usage.
  • Sky Broadband unlimited plus any time calls – this gives up to 17 Mb broadband. The calls include calls made to UK mobiles as well as landlines. There is a 12-month contract on this package.

Fiber optics background with lots of light spots

Sky Broadband unlimited plus international calls – The international calls is an added feature which might not be available in other packages. The unlimited calls stretch up to fifty countries which are a big hit amongst customers. There is a hundred pound prepaid master card in this package.