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Earliest records of the Manga:

History of the mangas is said to have begun in the early twelfth century as there are scrolls that have been discovered which date back to that period. There is also a controversial theory that the scrolls discovered are wrongly attributed to be the art form.

Most historians believe that the art of comic scripting started only in the early eighteenth century. The mangas are for the convenience of the impact that they exercise on the Japanese society been divided into two main divisions. The first sub division is Manga that got produced in the pre and post world wars, particularly the Second World War is the is the art form that was scripted in the pre and the post meji era.


The premises of the World wars in the Manga history:

Takashi Murakami, a writer of repute says that Japan’s defeat in the World War II and the subsequent nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was the biggest influence in shaping the cute Manga creatures as Japan was trying to forget its psychological scars that were formed due to the heavy loss of its life and property.

However, more progressive writers of the time have stressed repeatedly that creating Manga was a way that the Japanese told the people of the world that everything was fine with her and that inspite of suffering a heavy set back, it would still maintain a humane view and strive to overcome all the difficulties and challenges that were thrown its way. Not to mention, Japan has in its own way overcome all the difficulties that post war it was engaged in. However, the immense success that the Manga industry has seen not only within the nation but outside its boundaries is the proclamation to the world that if the Japanese can make you love their anime characters there is no way that it can ever be a loser!  Anime classics like the Pokemon and the other cutesy characters like Shin Chan and Ninja Hattori have proved to the world that the Manga art form is here to stay.