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Insights For Meeting Planners

Are you a meeting planner trying to find an innovative and inspiring speaker for your next event?
  Eloquent Insights can provide a refreshing new point of view to your gatherings. A blend of humor, storytelling, education and inspiration will entertain and enlighten, all from the platform of personal experience. Eloquent Insights will raise your awareness and lift your spirits.

Insights Into Human Resources

Are you an HR professional looking for dynamic new topics for staff training?
  Did you know that over seventy percent of persons with disabilities who want to work are unemployed? Learn how to interview, accommodate and effectively communicate with disabled co-workers. Eloquent Insights will show you how to create an accessible, cooperative and productive diverse workplace, and draw from this untapped workforce.

Insights On Customer Service

Are you in the people business?
  Retailers, restaurants and hospitality businesses thrive when they provide the highest level of customer service. Ensuring that all of your guests have full access to your services while showing respect and without compromising your customer's dignity is not just a good idea, it's good customer service.

Insights For Families

Are you overwhelmed caring for an elderly or disabled family member?
  Statistics reveal that more Americans are caring for their elderly parents while raising their own children still living at home. This growing demographic is often referred to as the “sandwich generation”. Eloquent Insights will help you to find information, assistance, respite and support.

Insights On Community Services

Are you a community leader or service agency looking for educational seminars to bring your organization up to date?
  It is estimated that nearly 55 million Americans will at some point in their lives be considered disabled. Eloquent Insights will show you ways you can help everyone in your community gain access to public transit, entertainment, recreation, goods and services and all of the amenities your community has to offer.

Insights For Education

Are you a social services manager in search of courses for caregiver continuing education?
  Eloquent Insights offers several ten hour classes on disability awareness, coping strategies and communication skills. Click on Focal Points and check out the available course curricula for in-home health care providers.

Insights On Assistive Technologies

Eloquent Insights invites you to visit our companion sites, Accessible Insights and In-Home Insights.
  Accessible Insights provides you with product information, reviews and where-to-buy links for assistive technology devices and related products. In-Home Insights offers in-home solutions for independent living. You'll also find books and videos on care giving, diversity and disability, as well as links for in-home health care providers or family care givers.

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